eToro Account Types

There are retail accounts for people without professional financial knowledge, like (most likely) you and me. This type of account limits the trading you can do, i.e. the leverage you can access is lower (and the risk is therefore lower, but not eliminated).

Professional account application form

Professional account application form

On the other hand, if you are a financial professional, you can request a professional account to be activated. This basically increases the leverage with which you can trade. In order to open a professional account you will need to complete a form and prove that you regularly trade CFDs or leveraged products with large investment amounts (e.g. more than $10,000 each).

The eToro Club
You may have noticed that in your eToro account, under your username once you log in you will see a ‚Bronze‘ icon. This is your level in the eToro Club, it’s nothing more than a loyalty program – the more money you invest with eToro the more valuable you are as a customer and the more benefits you get.

eToro Club Benefits

eToro Club Benefits

The amount of capital you have in eToro will determine your level. For example, you’ll need to have $5,000 to become Silver, $10,000 to become Gold and so on until you need to have over $250,000 in balance to become Diamond.

For example, if you invest more than $50,000 with eToro you will belong to ‚Platinum+‘, and among other advantages they offer you a subscription to the Financial Times, invitations to events (I don’t know which ones). Personally, eToro Club is not what I find most appealing about eToro.

Copy People and CopyPortfolios features
eToro stands out as a social trading platform, this means that there is a community of traders that you can interact with and follow (if you want to).

There are two types of innovations with eToro:

With this feature eToro lets you see what other eToro users are investing in (their profiles are public) and you can copy their trades.

This is a system where you don’t have to replicate the trades that the trader of your choice makes manually, but eToro will automatically copy everything that trader does with the money you choose to invest.

But why would they let you copy their trades?

Well, eToro remunerates users who ‚copy‘ their investment strategy with the Popular Investor programme. They can earn up to 2% of assets under management.

Please note that you will have to invest at least $200 US to use the People feature and no more than $2,000,000 US. It is also not possible to copy more than 100 traders at a time.

Copy other traders with eToro, filters

eToro’s Copy People feature

On the other hand, the People feature allows you to filter users to specify what you’re looking for in the traders you’re researching. For example, you can choose to filter users by the type of product they trade (e.g. forex, stocks, CFDs, etc.), their origin (where they’re from), the minimum profit they’ve made and the length of time they’ve been in profit (e.g. 1 month to 2 years).

In addition eToro also tells you how many users have copied a certain trader, so you can see which traders are most successful among other eToro users. eToro assigns a risk value to each trader that you can copy, I’m not really sure how they calculate it, but I’d say it seems representative.



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