Crypto AI Tokens Soar As US Debt Ceiling Deal Nears Approval

Debt Ceiling Agreement Reached

The US government has reached an agreement on the debt ceiling. A vote is still needed from the House of Representatives, with both Republicans and Democrats needing to pass it by June 6 before a default occurs.

Crypto Market Reacts

The crypto market is reacting to the uncertainty, with Bitcoin and Ethereum rising strongly. AI tokens have made especially strong gains today, such as Ocean (OCEAN), SingularityNET (AGIX) and (MAN).

Chip Roy Comments

Republican lawmaker Chip Roy tweeted in regards to the deal: “they haven’t been educated yet on what a t*rd-sandwich this “deal” is. They will be.“

Crypto as Hedge Against Debt Debacle

Investors are using crypto assets as a hedge against risk and for diversification purposes due to the uncertainty surrounding the debt ceiling agreement.


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